The Collective Conscious vs. The Collective Unconscious

Source: The Collective Conscious vs. The Collective Unconscious


The Collective Conscious vs. The Collective Unconscious

Edmond Yang

Image: Edmond Yang

“Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the earth and the universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and its harmony. We must always be aware of the vibrations we emit individually and collectively. Always be in command of your music. Only you can control and shape its tone. If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don’t let them interrupt or alter your song.”

Suzy Kassem

Since I have started writing I have had the honor of meeting and crossing paths with many beautiful souls. I have also been blessed with some priceless career and life advice from some amazing people.

The first piece of advice was given to me via an email conversation with Peter and Alkistis of Scarlet Imprint. I had reached out to them with some questions about writing, and publishing, as I very…

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Q&A: Ember HoneyRaven, The Big Fat Witch

The Witchy Bear


In a sea of sameness within the YouTube community of witches, arises the very unique Ember HoneyRaven. She’s smart, informed, and feisty as hell.I fell in total love with Ember’s down-home approach to the sometimes zany topic of Witchcraft. We’ve fallen in total love with one another and I’m lucky to now call her a friend. I caught up with Ember for a few questions…

Three Books on the Craft that will never leave your collection?

1. The Black Arts: A Concise History of Witchcraft, Demonology, Astrology, and Other Mystical Practices Throughout the Ages by Richard Cavendish

2. A Witches’ Bible by Stewart and Janet Farrar

3. Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes

Three Products newbies shouldn’t go without?
Newbies don’t really “need” anything to begin their practice but I will keep it practical. First item that they need is a library card or an internet connection…

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