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Some days I wish I could wave my wand and disappear.  Not in a “I am tired of this existence” kind of way…more in a “can I get a little bit of peace and quiet” kind of way.  It seems that this week has been noise on top of noise on top of noise.

The neighbors above us have absolutely no consideration.  They tromp around like a herd of elephants and try their best to asphyxiate me with every cigarette they toss over into my courtyard.  Then there is the crayola haired heifer that lives across the way who is determined to park in the parking space directly in front of my unit and then yell at me when she gets caught.  Lastly, there is the little Mexican man who loves to play mariachi music as loud as his truck speakers can pump it out.

I hate when I have…

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This Artist Does Freehand Tattoos. No Sketches, No Stencils


Amsterdam-based tattoo artist Jay Freestyle doesn’t use any sketches or stencils when he tattoos his customers. Born to Chinese parents, the 29 year-old grew up in South Africa before moving to Amsterdam a decade ago. Although many compare his unique style to watercolour paintings, there are also additional elements like pointillism, geometrical shapes, realism and abstract art at play.

You can see more from the talented artist at his website as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Prints, tees, canvases and more are also available through his online store at Society6.

“Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul”. That’s Jay’s motto

[via Mirror, Daily Mail]


freehand-tattoos-by-jay-freestyle- (1)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Online Store
Photograph by 360 Media Solutions


freehand tattoos by jay freestyle (1)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Online Store

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