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MOON-URANUS-BLACK MOON LILITH YOD!!! 1.11 pm – 4.47 pm GMT + 8, 11/May/2015 (started 44 minutes ago!)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

YOD MAY 11 2015

The Aquarian Moon sextiles Uranus (18 Aries), and the both make inconjuncts to Black Moon Lilith (18 Virgo). Essentially, the energy of breakthrough, building up with a powerfully supportive sextile between the Moon and Uranus. Change is afoot, and that is a good thing. We are transforming the way we see ourselves, and the level of consciousness we attribute to the Self. The Aquarian Moon bridges the intellect and deep emotions to help us see how these transformations, in turn, make us revisit our deeply-cherish ideals and utopian visions of the collective, and out roles in them. These bodies point towards Black Moon Lilith in Virgo – the emphasis here is to find a practical way of manifesting and anchoring these insights into a physical form, or pathway of service. Women, and Men who cherish the Feminine, in particular, may be heavily projected upon as they seek to do so…

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The Circle and the Street


By Johnny Rapture

Photo by George Hodan; Public Domain Photo by George Hodan; Public Domain

Reflections on marches, May Day, and the possibilities of Pagan theology.

Marching in rain and starlight

As I write, my fingers hesitate. My side aches. My hip aches. The grey matter behind my eyes feels lost in hazy, pain-killer-induced lethargy. And yet… isn’t this melancholia exactly that state prescribed by the sages for the best reflection, prayer, and appraisal of purpose? I can feel my own spine shimmering…

One week ago tonight, things were different. Cold sweat ran down my shoulders as I marched elbow-in-elbow with activists from across Chicago in solidarity with the #BaltimoreUprising. Black, Brown, and white, mostly young and smiling, fatigued by the chill but stepping in time to singing on all sides – we came walking down from Police Headquarters on 35th Street through neighborhoods lit and unlit, poor and well-off. We marched past darkened apartment windows and…

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Spirits Craft

Different types of dirt have very powerful energy and very specific energies for aiding in magical works. There are some standards in traditional witchcraft–and many crossovers into African traditions as well. There are more than just the three main dirts: graveyard, foot print and crossroads. For example the dirt of your homeland, special dirts from places you visit or natural events like the ash from a volcano. However, the classic dirts have a special place in folk magic:

photo by Angelina:)

40.gifGraveyard Dirt:

Graveyard dirt magic appears in many cultures, just about anywhere that uses graves, and those that don’t will use the cremated ashes of a deceased. There are three major approaches to the graveyard dirt collection.
*Just getting any dirt from a cemetery.
*Selecting specific dirt from a suitable grave depending on the need. For contacting ancestors, then family members graves, for cursing perhaps the dirt from a murderers grave, or…

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