I’m all about the positive baby..nobody gonna be setting me back.. its all experience, which in turn, turn to knowledge…ponder that thought..<3


Monday, Monday….



Here is the inspiration behind my dreams….This is Sophie~

Sophie made a choice. To go on and persevere…no matter where she came from or the hurt she went through….She has quite a story of overcomming the impossible….but she did it.

Now she inspires me and I want to share that gift with the world ❤

If you would like to know more about Sophie’s story just email me and I’d be glad to share with you! Eventually her complete bio will make it up here along with her best friend and brother Benn…..He’s coming soon!

Xoheidisays Non Profit AKA Sophie’s Choice~ is dedicated to implementing a not for profit volunteer community outreach program in the southern Maine area covering all of Maine to help consumers of mental health services and the general population find resources they need within their own communitys when they don’t know where to turn or they are at the end of their rope and feel hopeless. We are here to help and lend a helping hand when the need is there, and just to listen if that’s all that is needed. 

I am always looking to network and looking for new idea’s! I love to share! If you have any tips for me or resources, id be forever greatful!! So would Sophie!!

Thank you so much in advance and you will hear about our progress soon!!

XXOO!!   Heidi&Sophie<3