Cultural Appropriation in the Path of Poisons

Photo 4-4-17 10 00 26We have already spoken about dangers in the Path of Poisons, the implications of Fear, the threat of Addiction, etc. all of those topics which, it was concluded, were caused by great degree of misinformation and lack of real or deep contact with nature dwelling spirits. Now, something that comes up to mind is the existence of cultural appropriation and whether it is possible in the Natural/Spirit world.

A complicated topic, this one. What would we mean when if we spoke about cultural appropriation in the Path of Poisons? Under this category we could consider, in the first place, the misuse of certain plants, a deviation from the customary/ancestral usage of a plant, or not taking the spiritual/folkloric/cultural/territorial context into consideration when dealing with a plant spirit. Spirits, as they have character, have also a cultural legacy that must be taken into account. This does not mean we can generalize when we talk about Spirits…

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