FaceBook Enacts Witch Hunt! by Author, Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

facebookburningFaceBook Enacts Witch Hunt — On October 16th FB demanded I put my “real” name on my personal account. At that point I had to make a choice — ditch over 4,600 people on my personal account and 17,000 followers by refusing, or change my name. If I did not change my name — right then and there — I would be booted off FaceBook.  Most frustrating, there was no contact information to argue the point. I know that there are several people who count on my daily posts, and I felt it was my responsibility to continue — so, I sighed, put my real name in the box and hit the button.

Once I was cleared to get into my own account, I posted that I had been hit by the FB Troll  (someone who indicates you are not in compliance with company policies — and in this case…

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Magick and Power

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

sigil_of_amethDifferent types of magick are often defined by the power that they are perceived to possess. While this makes the basic error of mistaking the source of their power and its method of expression, there is a kernel of truth in this type of differentiation between systems of magick. The key to the power of a system of magick is the number of truths that it is capable of expressing, rather than the types of methods that it employs.

The most vital aspect of any system of magick is the completeness and legibility of the symbol set at its foundation. For symbols to be effective as a medium for expressing the will of the magician the concepts that they are representing have to be able to be clearly understood. Systems that employ a limited set of symbols can only represent a limited number of truths while more comprehensive systems have…

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Sigil Basics

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

Sigil of Asmoday Asmoday’s Sigil from the Goetia

In recent weeks the subject of sigils has come up in several different quarters of my life which has caused me to revisit what I know about these obscure occult symbols. There is probably no other aspect of magick that is so commonly misunderstood as these iconic lineal figures. Often they are attributed with having an intrinsic magickal power and some are so commonly used that most people would not even think of them as sigils at all.

Put simply, a sigil is a symbol that represents a very specific force, most commonly a unique entity in a simple, recognizable graphic icon. The Oxford English Dictionary defines sigil as a seal or signet and gives its derivation as signum, a mark or a token which survives in the archaic use of the word to mean a small image. It also defines it as An occult…

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Babalon, Scarlet Women and the White Goddess

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

At all my meetings with you shall the priestess say-and her eyes shall burn with desire as she stands bare and rejoicing in my secret temple-To me! To me! calling forth the flame of the hearts of all in her love-chant.- The Book of the Law, First Chapter

For the many years that I have studied and contemplated the Book of the Law this passage in the First Chapter has always put me in mind of the Neo-Pagan practice of witchcraft. Although I didn’t publish the essay until 2009, the basic research for my essay the Rosicrucian Roots of the Witchcraft Cult had been done many years previously and I had spent almost a decade looking for the connection between Thelema and Wicca.

Beyond the obvious connection between Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner, I was looking for something deeper, a shared symbolism that genuinely bridged these two new age spiritual…

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The Vampire’s Christmas

Stories and Dreams

Author’s Note: Sharing this little story-in-poem is becoming a winter holiday tradition of mine. I wrote it on a lark a few years ago, and while it started out a little silly, I actually liked the story that unfolded. It is, of course, shamelessly adapted from “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Silly & serious by turns, I hope it amuses you as much as it does me.

The Vampire’s Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and along Bourbon Street,
The vampire was searching for someone to eat.
The shops were all quiet, having closed for the night,
But the vampire was restless and hoped for a bite.

The partying crowds had all cleared away,
Heading home to prepare for tomorrow’s big day.
The streets were now empty and nobody stirred.
The vampire walked, whistling, but nobody heard.

He stopped for a moment in the pale streetlamp’s glow
And the only…

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