The Goddess is Back and Sex is Sacred

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

unnamed (2)There is a current renaissance occurring around how we view and experience our sexuality, much of which can be attributed to the re-emergence of the goddess into our modern western culture. For most of us growing up in a Judeo-Christian tradition, finding our way to god through sexual activity was unheard of. On the contrary, celibacy and austerity has long been the map pointing the way to the sacred. Engaging in wild passionate sex to seek an intensely spiritual experience was entirely incongruous.

But slowly, as the goddess awakens in a western consciousness, with her comes a softer awareness that the sacred may indeed wear a female guise. The shame and guilt traditionally attached to our bodies and sexual experiences is being replaced with a remembering of lifetimes past when deity was female and sex was for worship. For thousands of years patriarchal religions have told us that power is…

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Creating Sacred Space

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

TheelementsIn Goddess spirituality, we are not Wiccans or witches or pagans, nor we do not cast circles or do spells, but we do utilise many of the familiar tools of ritual such as altars and the creation of sacred space. The following is a standard script for the invocation of elements and directions when creating ritual as used here in the southern hemisphere. Rather than being required to conform to a static set of rules regarding the placement of elements in a certain direction, we take our cues from the land itself. Australia is a vast continent and if you are anywhere near the east coast, then the only pervading element has got to be the Pacific ocean lapping at our shores. It stands to reason that water is in the east. Conversely the whole land mass of the continent stretches to the west and so earth is in the…

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Goddess Inanna – Resurrecting sexual freedom

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

As Priestess of Inanna, initiated into her worship, she calls from the great beyond, reminding me why she was so loved and adored for thousands of years as she incarnated into Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Neith, Metis, and Cybele down through time and cultures into Isis and even Aphrodite. The worship of this great goddess crossed millennia and cultures much like Christianity does today and the traits of such a powerful and adored Goddess as Inanna still speak to us as the sacred feminine is rebirthed once again in a modern era.
ISHTAR3At her peak in ancient Mesopotamia around 5,000 to 2,000 BCE, (now known as modern day Iraq), the first great urban centre emerged, and with it, the cuneiform or wedge shaped system of writing on clay tablets which was Sumer’s greatest gift to modern civilisation. Inanna was known as Queen of Heaven and Earth, Goddess of gentle rains and…

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