Urban Gardening: The Garden In May

Connected With Life

This post is a compilation of all the garden pictures that haven’t been posted already, all of them taken through the month of May. I like to keep a good archive of photographs for gardening documentation and for future articles, but a lot of them never get published because other posts and images take priority. As the month ends, I am gathering them together with a few magical tips, so all readers can enjoy the beauty – and may it inspire you to create your own urban garden!


Sunflowers (Helianthus genus), blooming beautifully, and hopefully making lots of seeds for next year. These can be grown here almost at any season, and they will keep bees and other beneficial insects coming to the garden, something extremely important in urban gardening; so, we want them to stay :). Also, as a symbol related to sun deities, this is a perfect homage…

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