Santa Muerte…. the Virgin Mother’s Kick-Ass Sister and Beloved Goddess of Death


santa muerte

Before you all get your britches in a twist… I was kidding… sort of… but I’ll get to that…

Santa Muerte (also known as Santisima Muerte) is the beloved goddess of death. Her origins date back to the pre-hispanic period of Mexico, and was believed to be a protector of souls who resided in the dark underworld. There are a great many theories and beliefs about her origin, from being the revival of the pre-Hispanic Mexican goddess of death, Mitchecacihuatl, a re-invention of the female Grim Reaper from Spain, La Parca, or that she was once a Mexican Catholic nun, coming from Italian roots going way back to the Fates of ancient Greece.

Either way, in short, she scares the hell out of the Vatican.

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According to professor R. Andrew Chesnut of Virginia Commonwealth University, who has studied the rise of Santa Muerte, “Santa Muerte is particularly appealing to people on the margins…

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