Sigil Basics

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

Sigil of Asmoday Asmoday’s Sigil from the Goetia

In recent weeks the subject of sigils has come up in several different quarters of my life which has caused me to revisit what I know about these obscure occult symbols. There is probably no other aspect of magick that is so commonly misunderstood as these iconic lineal figures. Often they are attributed with having an intrinsic magickal power and some are so commonly used that most people would not even think of them as sigils at all.

Put simply, a sigil is a symbol that represents a very specific force, most commonly a unique entity in a simple, recognizable graphic icon. The Oxford English Dictionary defines sigil as a seal or signet and gives its derivation as signum, a mark or a token which survives in the archaic use of the word to mean a small image. It also defines it as An occult…

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