all the little ones

love by the moon


Something was moving under the water in a long serpentine rope and I heard the birds chattering all around. Across the creek the woods had sharpened, the trees appearing starkly white like bone. I saw a skunk sitting on the bank, there and not there. To the right squirrels were moving down the many tree trunks almost in unison. Three blackened trees stood side by side in a line, standing out from all the others. I sat watching the bank for a bit, putting my head down on my knees after a time. I heard a bird cackle over my left shoulder, very close and then it was gone. I could feel shadows moving around me in the distance and I looked to the water once again.. tucked into one tree’s exposed roots appeared a giant crow’s head. It stared intently at me for the longest time before I became…

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