The Missing Elements in Many Spells



Nowadays (and, oh, my pretties, it was different back before the internet, when we used to walk four miles uphill, both ways, to school and tied onions to our belts) you can’t wander through the internet or walk through a bookstore without finding books of spells. But what most novices don’t know is that those Books of Shadows and Secret Grimoires deliberately leave out one of the most important parts of every spell, generally so that the Goddesses and Gods can tell the newbies from the really experienced Witches.

But what the experienced Witches know, even when it isn’t printed in the spellbook that Lewellyn or some such person publishes and that your local “Esoteric” bookstore sells on its dusty shelves, is that there is an important, but secret, Second Step to every powerful spell. But that step won’t surprise any Nonna or parent who has ever said, “And…

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