The first poet

Queen of Heaven

The oldest literature known to man, the oldest written poetry we have yet discovered, was written by a woman.  The topic about which this female poet wrote the most was the goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Love and War, who was the Morning and Evening Star, sister of the sun and daughter of the moon.

Who was the poet? Enheduana, whose name means literally “lady (or priestess) ornament of An (heaven)” was a princess and high priestess of the Moon God Nanna in ancient Sumer (in Mesopotamia, now Iraq) during the period when a group called the Akkadians had seized control.  She lived from 2285-2250 BC, about four centuries before Abraham, father of the three monotheistic religions of the present era. Enheduana may have been the daughter of Sargon, an Akkadian prince who conquered the ancient country of Sumer about that time. She was part of a tradition…

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