1. Oh Mother, I am entirely ignorant of Thy Mantras or Yantras neither  do I possess any treasure of meritorious actions nor any bearing power against misery;nor are my devotional and spiritual knowledge so great as to enable me  to absorb myself in meditation of Thee; nor can I even most elementarily please Thee by singing Thy hymns or repeating Thy prayers. I have similarly no capacity to sit in Yoga postures or at least cry or weep in Thy name or shed piteous divine love tears. Although thus in every way I am a big cipher, yet on my merely remembering , Thou hast been running to me and removing all my distresses, in a moment.

2. I, who am unconnected with God and Guru, I, who an exceedingly great miser in money and charity, I who have been unable to throw off all kinds of indolence, I…

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