Closer to the Garden Once more; an Interview with Sarah Anne Lawless

Heathen Harvest

Belladonna Corvidae                  by  Sarah Anne LawlessBelladonna Corvidae by Sarah Anne Lawless

.:.Closer to the Garden Once more.:.

An Interview with Sarah Anne Lawless

By Patrick Bertlein

The time of year has come again when skeletons dance and children learn the joy of imaginary humour. Sweets galore and skulls everywhere, Samhain (SOW-in) has been turned into a carnival deprived of the tricksters touch. Behind the curtain, is a celebration to honour the dead that is as old as the dirt our ancestors are buried in. What is perceived is a mockery of the “supernatural”, and various misunderstandings of traditions such as the ‘ol Jack-O-Lantern,. This particular carving of the pumpkins is, in truth, a representation of the Irish leaving decapitated heads on doorways, perhaps as a warning to enemies or malevolent spirits. Another popular image is that of the Witch, an old lady with a big hat, crooked nose, mole, broom, and for some reason…

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