Chakrubs – Sacred Self Pleasuring

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

chakrubs2Ever since purchasing my first rose quartz Chakrub, I have been an advocate of this sensual crystal wand and how it aids in enhancing the relationship we have with our body and sexual pleasure. As crystals are natural vibrational beings they are perfect to align with the energetic body via the chakra system. Not only are these crystals beautiful to behold, they contain a consciousness of their own and different varieties exhibit different qualities that when programmed and directed become tools of transformation. The energy composition of crystals can establish links with the higher levels of our consciousness facilitating alignment and healing via the removal of energetic blocks in our chakras and bodies. Crystals have the power to transform, strengthen and revitalize our biological system not only in the cellular level, but at the mental, emotional, and spiritual level as well.

Chakrubs all exhibit the following qualities:

  • Are body-safe, eco-friendly…

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