Shamanic Practise

Spinning Webbs

S is for Shamanism.

100 Witch Days - Photo Challenge - 3

I am relatively new to the practise of Shamanism, having only discovered this wonderous new path about a year ago.

But in that time, I have taken so much from it.

I came across it by accident, or maybe Divine guidance, searching for ritual drumming music, to add to my ritual playlist.

I found the Shamanic drumming of Ono Teave, an hour-long journey to the other side.

At first, I was a bit hesitant, this was something new to me, and also a bit scary, knowing the Shamanic experience takes you much deeper than any of the meditation and astral work I was doing at the time.

The signature of the Shamanic experience, is the monotonous beat of the drum, and it was this that pounded through every cell of my being, as I lay in the darkness.

This first journey was quite scattered, as I…

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