Missed Connections: the Divine Feminine

Candlesmoke Chapel

Seeking: the Divine Feminine
I saw a fleeting glimpse of you on the street the other day. I think you may have smiled at me. There was definitely a spark between us. If you’re interested in giving this crazy thing a chance, get in touch.

For various reasons, I’m being pulled to work more intensely and intimately with a female deity and/or goddess. And not just in general, like setting up an altar to “the Great Mother of Everything,” but pulled to seek out someone very specific. Who that specific female deity/goddess is has yet to be revealed to me. Sometimes I think I may have seen her, but we have yet to meet.

The Spirit work I do has always been ancestral and animistic in nature. I do not align my practices with one tradition, philosophy, mythology or religion. I have not pledged my allegiance or devotion to any particular Deity…

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