The Mysteries of Magickal Manifestation: The Infamous Vacuum

Magickal Connections

The following is an excerpt from my online book: “Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”

The rule is– if you empty a space, creating a vacuum, something else will fill this space. This is true not only from a magickal perspective, but from a mundane vantage point as well– it’s called ‘physics’. The thing is that once you’ve emptied this space, i.e. banishing something/someone, you have no control over what is going to fill this vacuum which you have created.

I learned this pointedly through an interesting lesson.

We use to have a neighbor who lived behind us, a rather unusual elderly man who’s behavior was becoming consistently more erratic as time went on. Until we put a fence up between our properties, he would set his self-propelled tractor sprinkler in the middle of our basket ball court as it’s starting point. My children didn’t like this and neither did…

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