Extraction Distraction

The Overgrown Cottage



A few days ago I was in the mood to make extracts. The garden was overgrown with mint (I hate to admit it but they are invasive) and I took to picking and plucking away until I had tidied up a bit and came away with a handful of aromatic leaves. My raspberries were also in abundance so I picked a bowlful while munching on a few. 

Making extracts is a simple process. I had some vanilla beans too so I retrieved my jars and got to extracting. The vanilla bean has been sliced and scraped of its seeds (caviar) and soaked in lovely woody brandy. The raspberries were quickly blanched and cooled and pounded until mush in the jar then topped off with vodka. The mint leaves were washed and dried, placed into the jar, and then topped with vodka. They will sit like this in a cool…

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