Damiana – Wonder Herb


damiana_herbAsk someone, chances are they won’t have heard of this amazing herb.  Maybe it’s because it’s one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.  It’s been used there, and in other central American countries for centuries, and it’s properties are so highly-prized they won’t let it out of their country alive.  By that, I mean, no growing herb or fertile seeds.  You can get it in dried, chopped and ready-to-use form, but unless you live there you won’t get hold of the fresh herb.

So what does it do?  Why are the Mexicans so keen to keep it to themselves?

Damiana is most coveted for  its aphrodisiac properties.  But it gets better.  Not only does it help spice up your love life on one of those special nights but, if used over a period of time, it increases a person’s general libido, sexual fitness and performance.  It works by opening up the blood vessels…

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