Awaken the Free Spirit in You

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free spirit

Uh huh… 😉

A free spirit remembers their innate and sovereign free will and exercises it.

Free spirits are inspired by life itself and find wonder and meaning around every corner.

Free spirits reflect how we can awaken the same within us that we admire in them.

Trust in yourself and don’t be afraid to look any certain way to others. When you are concerned with what others may think, you stop living an authentic life and little by little suck the passion of your heart dry.

If you allow others to dictate your life, no one else but you is responsible for giving away that power.

When you live by your beliefs and passions, you will find life to be far richer than imagined. You’ll start attracting other free spirits to play with.

And, you’ll also start helping to awaken the free spirit in others, just like you, who…

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