Dark Moon Ritual – Covenant of Hekate



(Hekate by William Blake)

Dark Moon Ritual Note: The Dark of the Moon is on the last day of the lunar month, the night before the New Moon. The Rite of the Dark of the Moon is focussed on evoking Hekate and performing a ritual in Her name remove negative energies, leaving offerings of food and drink and ask for blessings in in Her name. The following ritual can be adapted to suit personal needs and the location of the ritual.

Personal Preparation: Take a ritual bath or shower and dress in a clean robe or other ritual attire.  Anoint yourself with any oil (olive oil will work if you have no other preference), focusing on crown chakra, forehead, heart, solar plexus, and the soles of the feet.

Altar Preparation Set up, if you don’t have a permanent space, your devotional shrine to Hekate.  This can be as simple or…

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