Under The Banyan Tree

P is for Prometheus.


Prometheus is the Titan God who brought fire to mankind.

He also brought to us the art of Crafts, which he himself invented.

But before these things, Prometheus created mankind.

Born of Iapetus and Clymene, Prometheus was a bit of a rebel.

He scorned the Gods and ridiculed Zeus.

Though, during the Titanomachy (A war between the Old Gods and the new), he was one of the Titans that fought alongside the Gods.

Prometheus’ trouble started with the creation of mankind.

Under the orders of Cronos, Prometheus and his brother, Epimetheus, carefully crafted creatures from clay, which they made in the image of The Gods.

Athena then took the figures and breathed life into them, thus creating man.

Epimetheus’ creations became the beasts of the wild, and when given life, turned on their creator and savagely attacked him.


Zeus was not at all happy with these creations…

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