The Phoenix of Universal Love

The Higher Education of Life


The beauty of a phoenix is that it is never truly gone, and like a phoenix cultures rise from the ashes of the fallen. Each culture retains the memories of the last , in this, myths and legends are born.

It appears that as a collective, the healers and teachers of the world are in the process of rising from the ashes of the last 150 years, rising from cultures thousands of years old.

We as a culture are choosing to teach from the heart and have begun teaching love. We are choosing to teach the vibration of  unconditional love.

Love is a gift,  not just to or for humanity but to and  for all existence.

Love is the way of all life, all existence.

In the memories of the I AM we all breathe love, we all cry love, we all dream love, we are the universal unconditional expression of…

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