“Witch”- cultural interpretation

In Our Stars


Interpretations of what a witch is vary based on cultural mythology, and level of superstitious belief. A great example of a darkly exaggerated interpretation falls from hispanic culture (keep in mind i mean no offence to any cultural references and i am hispanic and have experienced this judgment first hand). In hispanic culture witches are seen as people who worship the devil and use blackagic, sacrificing, dancing around fires, and sexual acts, etc.. With the cultural superstition being so high, when one comes across a witch it is usually with fear, anger, and at times aggression. When an uncle of mine found i was a witch he poured”holy water” on me. However! Because of these false judgments and beliefs it is largely missed that nearly at everycorner is a witch. The true meaning of a witch, an herbal user and healing practitioner. These men and women are very much needed…

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