Paganism is not therapy

Kemetische Einsichten

Pagan salvation?

“In fringe groups madness rules” a friend of mine used to say. She is working at an institution for addiction prevention – and she was pagan. A “free flying” witch with a close connection to Hekate and Hermes. We have both spent more than 15 years in the pagan society – both in Germany but also on an international level – and we were both pretty active on the internet. Many times we have discussed the amazing parallels we had observed between the people coming to her institution and pagans. Things we would have never talked about in public because the potential for conflicts was understandably high. But we were both pretty aware of several symptoms which point to various personality disorders or neurotic patterns. The aforementioned statement was yet a rather sarcastic one she made during a chat about the pagan community in Germany driven by our…

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