Rant: Wiccans Who are Afraid of Ouija boards

Why Wicca Sucks Redux

English_ouija_board A beautiful custom-made spirit board!

Most of the time, I find it both ridiculous and hilarious when people are afraid of Ouija boards,  which are generically called spirit boards. I have witnessed some incidents involving Christians who just see a Ouija board somewhere in a public place that were really sad, pathetic and a little scary. But, this ranty little blog post is about people, especially Wiccans, who call themselves witches, but clearly don’t know the first thing about the subject – who are terrified of Ouija boards because they’re afraid they are a portal to some demon like Pazuzu from the movie, “The Exorcist.”

pazuzu Pazuzu

By nature, genuine witches are generally very comfortable dealing with spirits of all kinds. If you’re highly psychic, you sort of have this experience thrust upon you at some point in your life and you have to find a way to cope with it. …

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