Magical tools for magical writing



While I use the tarot for a number of reasons, some personal and some professional, what I want to write about today is using the tarot to write.


The tarot is essentially a deck of playing cards that have been given symbols and meanings that can be used for divination. There are twenty-two major arcana cards (otherwise known as trump cards) that are considered to have hold more profound, spiritually oriented, karmic, and unconscious meanings. There are fifty-six minor arcana cards that are divided into four suits; pentacles/earth, swords/air, cups/water and, wands/fire. Each suit has ten numbered cards and four court cards. The minor arcana are linked to how the more esoteric messages of the major arcana may be manifest in the material world. For example while the major arcana card ‘The Star’ speaks about hope and healing, the nine of swords indicates the querent is probably in…

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