Standing at the Crossroads, Part II: Where Hermes Fits In

Magick From Scratch

Photography by Hermanne Allan Poe Photography by Hermanne Allan Poe

In my last article in this series, I began exploring the crossroads through the eyes of Hekate for the purpose of understanding their link to Greek Cosmology through her. Hermes, also a deity of the crossroads, shares many roles with her. Each is, in their own right, a messenger of the dead, a psychopomp, and a savior of the lost. They share many other things besides. It stands to reason, therefore, that, even if Hermes’s view of the crossroads isn’t identical, his view and hers can certainly be reconciled.

In this article, I will examine the mythology of Hermes and its connection to the crossroads, as understood by the ancient Greeks.

Let’s Talk About Herms

From: From:

I’m going to do something which I acknowledge is a bit weird. Primary source texts for the customs surrounding Herms (and similar road markers sacred to Mercury), are…

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