EXCLUSIVE: Wardruna’s Einar Selvik Performs “Helvegen” on the Borre Grave Mounds in Norway

Heathen Harvest

This incredible video was captured earlier this month by Rob Wildwood of the Jelling DragonThe performance took place on the Borre grave mounds near the ancient Viking trading settlement of Kaupang in Norway. Viking kings were said to be buried under the mounds. The Viking market there takes place every two years and is run by Borre Vikinglag, and this was twenty years since the first Viking market. The torchlit procession is a tradition for the event that takes place with every installment, but Einar’s presence and performance were a new experience. The procession and the gathering on the mounds is all done in silence, except for this time, in this moment, when Einar paid homage in his own incontrovertibly beautiful way by celebrating the freedom of the ancient kings from their temporal, earthly bonds.

The noises heard during the performance are from the camera’s autozoom.  A longer…

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