A Lesson in Confidence

Pearls and Pentagrams

At thirty years old I thought I was merely repeating mistakes until I learned the real lessons behind them, but the last person I really opened up to taught me a few brand new lessons.  We had, and still have as friends, an amazing rapport and, for at least a little while, and incredibly sensual energy between us.  When it changed I felt it almost immediately, but I tried not to let it detract from the experience I was having.  He warned me that he didn’t share my feelings, and I assured him I could accept that until I couldn’t. Once I reached a point where it was no longer enriching my life, we talked about it, and I shifted my perspective and focus to something a little less involved and a little more platonic.

So, the lessons…

There was one about accepting myself instead of striving for validation from others.  After…

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