mandrake and bear

love by the moon

Fur and feather and bone and skin,
Different without but the same within,
Many of body but one of soul,
Through all creatures are we made whole.

I was crouched on the small piece of rock jutting from the water. I felt the hidden eyes all around me, watching. I had been here before. I was very small and my back legs were furred with sharp, thick claws. There were tiny antlers protruding from my head. Even as I realized this, I found myself changing.. claws to hooves to feet, antlers to horns to none.. and back again. I gazed over at the bear near the water’s edge, he too seemed to be changing.. still a bear but his face moving in a blur from ferocious growl to serene contemplation. We looked at each other for some time. He dropped his head to look into the water and I…

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