Earth Magick: Getting Back To Our Roots



The ways of true magick are revealed within us, and within nature . . …. I’m not entirely certain why, over time, we have complicated things with elaborate rituals incorporating items and tools that can only be found within New Age and Metaphysical shops. If you recall our history, such places and items weren’t available. During the days of the witch hunts, witches certainly didn’t hand out calling cards to attract those seeking their help and services to them, nor did they advertise in the local paper. Instead, the true witches would pass an acorn to others to make themselves known without being persecuted.

It was these men and women who understood that the secrets of magick were written in meandering streams, in the rushing waters of the river, in drifting clouds, whispered by the cool summer breeze and echoed through caves and rocks and forests, felt within the blades…

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