Balance the Light and the Dark



As with the celebration of life, we also celebrate death by giving honor to those who have passed.

As the sun rises, so does it set, diminishing the day’s light and making way for the moon, the stars and the stillness of night.

If we can freely accept these cycles as part of life, then why can some not accept that the same is true for magick?

If I had a penny….yes, a penny, for each time I or someone I know has been scolded with “Do no harm” and “Remember the Rule of Three”…while pointing their disapproving finger, I would surely be a wealthy woman. But since I haven’t been given a penny for each time, (or at all) I am going to toss my own two cents in here.

Lighten up. Yeah, I said it. I’m saying exactly what every traditional witch, necromancer and Hoodoo practitioner has been…

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