We’re Witches. We Should Do Something About This.**



The Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing. Here are some protections spells from Judika Ille’s wonderful book, The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells: the Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts. If you have time this weekend, you could send some protection to those young women.

* Aura of Protection Spell
Strategically arrange blue crystal gemstones around the home or area you wish to protect, creating a magical boundary to keep out evil. [Obviously, you’ll have to do this in the Ether or by imagining the captured schoolgirls and surrounding them with protection. Holding blue stones in your hand while you do the working and/or surrounding yourself with a circle of such protection and then including the schoolgirls within it could work, too.]

* Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection Candle Spell
Hollow out the bottom of a black, blue, or red candle. Stuff it full of basic protection botanicals and…

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