Pagan Blog Project – Nurturing Energy

Solitary Path

When I think about nurturing energy the first thing that comes in to my mind is the Earth. Earth energy is the energy that nourishes and nurtures our physical bodies.

It is the energy that feeds the chakras that are sometimes spoken of as our physical chakras, those of the root/base, sacral and solar plexus. It is these chakras which are fed when we consciously ground ourselves and breathe in the energy from the earth, when we take off our shoes and walk barefoot on the soil or sand, or when we stand and draw the energy into our bodies through our feet at the start of Tai Chi or Chi Kung for example. Without this energy feeding and nourishing us we can become unbalanced and sometimes even unwell.

Sadly though it is this energy that often gets overlooked or forgotten, especially when people first behind to connect to the…

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